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Smoky Sweet Potato and Apple Soup — Tasty Yummies

20 Sep

With the start of fall just mere days away, I am reveling at the thought of my favorite season of eating! Fall food is pure comfort, to me. Squash, potatoes, apples, pears, pumpkins, cranberries and all the other goodness. I just can’t get enough. Thinking about this season soup comes to mind quite often. Soup…

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Pecan Sandies — Served From Scratch

16 Sep

If you come to our house, something you can be pretty sure you won’t find: store bought sweets. Years ago my husband and I made a rule for ourselves when it comes to desserts- if we want it, we make it. Which some people may think is crazy, but it undeniably helps us not only eat…

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Stay Hydrated // How-to Make Infused Spa Water at Home — Tasty Yummies

15 Sep

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, yet somehow water is still THE most common nutritional deficiency in our culture. Good news is, it’s a super simple one to remedy! There are plenty of varying formulas from all different sources in regards to how much water to consume, but it’s best to…

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